Topic 7: Digital Blur & Gamification

In the modern world, the line between the real world and digital technology can often be distorted, evolving the way we experience our daily life. As digital technology becomes heavily incorporated into our lives, it is necessary to harness transferable skills that assists in both personal and professional lives. Digital blurring implies that skills utilised in your personal life are also able to be applied to other aspects of our lives, particularly professionally and educationally.

This week I explored the benefits of gaming and how it can be integrated as a learning tool/resource in the classroom. In particular, I was excited and amazed when I came across a game called SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge. In SimCity EDU: Pollution Challenge, students are tasked with complex missions surrounding environmental impact. Such tasks requires the player to enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills whilst gaining digital literacy and fluency. SimCityEDU allows students to investigate the significance and repercussions regarding human impact on the environment via a fun, collaborative and interactive manner.

I found that the assimilation of such educational games into the classroom provides the potential to transform lesson plans, designed to engage the student’s interest and interactions; whilst enriching their learning experience overall.

References [Image] [Image]


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