Topic 5: Using Pinterest in the Classroom

The inception of the digital era revolutionised the mode of information delivery. Pre-digital era relied heavily on the media, where information was relayed passively through television, radio and newspaper. The rise of digital technologies and social networking meant that information is now consumed via more interactive and engaging methods.

This week I explored Pinterest and its uses.

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows users to create themed virtual pinboards. With 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest has recently emerged as a popular educational tool amongst teachers and students.

The concept of Pinterest has enabled teachers to utilise pinboards for lesson/resource ideas, organisational tips, classroom displays, and student collaboration (groupwork). By incorporating tailored learning activities, Pinterest creates an interesting and engaging environment in class, whilst providing an opportunity for teachers to better understand their students interests.

In an era where an abundance of information delivery methods are available, it is important to understand how to analyse and decipher different concepts and frameworks, in order to discard any unreliable or untrustworthy sources effectively. By critically evaluating the credibility of information sources, and assessing its relevance to the classroom, teachers will be able to increase the efficacy of their lesson plans and provide accurate information to their students.



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Pinterest has 70 million users (10/07/2013) Retrieved April 6, 2014 from [Image] [Image]


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